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e: info@tukshop.biz | t: 02380 388440 Drivers Wanted Contact drivers@tukshop.biz

New Piaggio Commercial & City 200 Tuk Tuks now avaialble on lease for business users...

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Tukshop the UK's tuk tuk pioneers sell & hire out geniune tuk tuks from the Far East & Italy..take a look in our showroom here

Tukshop have 10 years experience of providng Chauffeur driven tuk tuks for Event & Wedding Hire...see pics here

Tukshop specialise in experiential marketing to promote any product or service, see some recent campaigns here

Tukshop are agents for the legendary Piaggio Ape range of commercial vehicles with Italian style as standard, see them here

Tukshop regularly works with film & television to bring ideas to life on the screen, see the 'Sharwoods Rush Hour' TV Ad' here

We ship our Tuk Tuks all over the world either asembled or in kit form, ask us for a quote.

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Call us on 07973 261747 today with your sales or hire requirements..

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