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AirAsia tuk tuk


Is this the first jet powered tuk tuk on the streets of London you may ask? The answer is of course is no as the engine is facing the wrong way for a start!

It is part of an elaborate stunt however to promote the award winning airline 'AirAsia'. The lifesize engine doubles up as a wheel of fortune game with the fans spinning round and if you are very lucky, winning free tickets to Malaysia.

Around fifty people did win over a two day period when the tuktuk and engine were parked in Liverpool st station, at one point the queue to play was so long that people were asked to come back later with a guaranteed enty to the competition.

The clever creative types who built the engine asked the tukshop if we could then tow it around London behind one of our Retro tuk tuks taking in all the popular sites.

Here we are pictured in Covent Garden giving the engne time to cool down before heading off to Buckingham Palace.

" Our tuk tuks are perefect for experiential marketing projects inside railway stations, this set up receievd some serious interaction. Driving out through the doors and speading the AirAsia message in this fashion was genius " ....said mrsteve

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Bravo TV and the Retro promotion