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Wedding Hire Tuk Tuk


Here we are in prime wedding season with Tukshop tuk tuks going all over the country to add a little bit of exotic charm to these special days. Pictured above is Naz & Jodie married at Clerwell Castle a spectacular venue well off the radar on the Glos/Welsh border close to the Severn bridge.

A typical event for us might be a private party where all the guests park thier cars in a field near to the host's venue, just too far for the ladies to walk in those heels of course. No problem for a tuk tuk or two to whisk everybody straight to the front door for their welcome drink.

Tukshop are trusted by event professionals planning special occasions. 'we are not practising on people with a vehicle purchased off ebay, we are now in our ninth year of providing tuk tuk hire'.........said mrsteve


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