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Isle of Wight Festival Tuk Tuks


BBC Radio1 presenter Nesta McGregor talks Tuk Tuks with mrsteve in the backstage artist's village at the Isle Of Wight Festival.
Check out Nesta's four minute festival video on the Radio 1 website where he takes a ride in one of our old school Bajaj Auto Rickshaws.

Golf buggies are a pretty common site at festivals but now of course vips & artists are always looking for a new experience to make a simple journey more interesting. With space for three (in this country!) and some luggage on the rear parcel shelf this iconic machine is practical as welll as pretty.

This 14 year old Bajaj classic single headlight tuk tuk in the picture is called Sweet Chilli and has been in service with Tukshop providing joy to passengers for over ten years now. So called due to starring in a Sharwoods televsion commercial some years back.

Tukshop were engaged by All Events VIP one if the countires leading boutique camping specialists. Guests typically housed in Winnebagos, Yurts & luxurious bell tents down at Island Harbour were whisked back and forth to the backstage area.

It's great to be back on the Island having spent some time there in my early twenties, next year we will bring a larger fleet of Tuk Tuks....said mrsteve


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