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Indian Tuk Tuks & Auto Rickshaws, Piaggio Ape Commercial Vans & Conversions from Italy

Come and view Europe's largest selection of new & used Tuk Tuks and Auto Rickshaws to rent or buy. Call us on 02380 767076 or browse below.
Come and decide which is the best Tuk Tuk for you maybe a Bajaj or Piaggio from India, you should at least take a test drive and understand the difference between the models.

We have over ten years experience supplying these vehicles.
Tukshop are official Piaggio Commercial dealers so our Ape 50, TM Vans & Calessino Convertible come with a two year warranty and one years roadside assistance.

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New Piaggio India City 200 Tuk Tuk
Features include 200cc power unit, good space for 3 passengers,battery housed in engine bay (no tripping over it), reverse lever under dash, opening rear hood, oversize rear suspension springs for smoother ride on UK roads, Calessino high level rear light clusters. In stock Black & Yellow, Red, Green & Blue
Price £4995 + vat on road & free delivery
Ask about leasing options
Click here for more pics and specs

Piaggio Ape Bee Electric
All the benefts of this stylish and practical workhorse now bought up to date with electric power. Room for two up front. Van or pick up model.
Do all your city deliveries and enjoy no congestion, no road tax, no petrol or diesel costs and minimal running costs.
Avalable for 2016 in any factory colour.
Price £9500 + vat or £310 p/month on lease Battery can be purchased or rented call for more details
Click on picture for more shots

New Piaggio Ape Calessino Tuk Tuk
Brand new model for 2016 featuring drop top hood with colour co ordinated half doors. Petrol 200cc power plant comes in White, Blue or Red. Driver plus 2 rear passengers. Come and compare this model to the three seater models in our showroom before you buy..
Our vehicles have the official Piaggio 2 year Warranty, beware unofficial grey imports.
Price from £6995 + vat or ask about leasing
Click on picture for more shots

New Piaggio Ape TM Van
Here is the iconic 218cc 2 Stroke Van with uses only limited by your imagaination. Stylish, economical and functional workhorse direct from Italy. Coffee machine, Pizza oven, Bookshop? This is the one you want. 2 year manufacturer warranty. Pictures show how we can brand the Ape for your business
Price from £7495 + vat or £290 p/month on lease
Click the pict
ure for more shots
Click here to see a video

New Bajaj 2 Stroke Tuk Tuk
New model for 2016 2 stroke.
Proper sounding high revving lightweight engine for great performance.
Old school style single headlight with metal dashboard.
Driver plus three rear passengers.
Price £4995 + vat

Coffee Cart &Tuk Tuk Conversions
Choose from Piaggio Ape 50 or TM Van models for conversion into mobile coffee carts featuring dual fuel espresso machine for vending anywhere. Pictured is the Jimmy Bean van operating in Winchester with a full gullwing conversion to one side.
Come and visit our Southampton showroom to discuss your individual requirements. Leasing plan available subject to status.
Click on the picture for more shots
Prices from £11000 + vat

Used Bajaj Model
The original old school Indian Auto Rickshaw Single Headlight model, metal dashboard, hidden battery, 4 stroke spare wheel, selection form stock call for details
Prices from £3995

Toy Auto Rickskaw
Best quality child friendly toy Tuk Tuk with no dangerous sharp edges! Pull back and the tuk tuk goes forward on it's own.
Branding service available for corporate gifts, promotional campaigns..
Price £15 including postage

Tuk Tuk Spares
Bajaj, Monica Motors & Piaggio spares...clutch cables, brake shoes, cdi ignition units, bearings....if your tuk tuk is not manufactured by any of the above just send us a picture of yours and we will check the parts bin...
Email us your requirements at

Pimp My Ride
Custom add ons direct from the local dealer in downtown Mumbai. Alloy effect wheel covers in a variety of colours, throttle and gear shift covers in many colours, front body panel adhesive reflector strip.
Email us with your requirements at

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